E-Wealthtech continuing technological innovation, 9BB half Cell has become mainstream

  • 2020-10-23

E-Wealthtech follows the industry trend and innovates 9BB half chip technology. Since its product production and promotion, it has been highly sought after by customers.

The multi-main grid reduces the cell surface shielding, increases the light receiving area, and shortens the current conduction distance on the thin grid, which can effectively reduce the series resistance of components and reduce the resistance loss.Relevant data show that the conversion efficiency of multi-main grid technology can be improved by about 0.2% at the battery end, and the positive silver consumption can be saved by 25-35%.The power at the component end can be increased by about 10W;The cost per kilowatt hour can be reduced by about 1%.In addition, the multi-main grid technology has higher tolerance for splitting and breaking grids, better long-term reliability, and ensures higher power generation.

Recent popular half a piece of technology is to reduce the component package loss, the effective ways to improve power components, the relevant experiment and demonstration also shows that with the efficiency of the half piece of components the entire power increases obviously, and under the shadow of the same shade, half a piece of special structure component design can reduce the power loss in power plant components, performance is superior to the entire component.The production of half - chip components is not difficult, less investment, high yield.This line, by the enterprise recognition and welcome.

The combination of half - slice and multi - grid became the natural thing.Multiple main grids make the width of the main grid lines thinner and the spacing narrower, and can shorten the current transmission distance of the fine grid lines.Half of the battery is connected in series or parallel to the packaged components to reduce the resistance loss;With the increase of the clearance area of the battery, the power of the final component can be increased by more than 15W.

Due to obvious advantages, the proportion of multi-grid semi-panel solar panels in customer orders has increased significantly in recent months.

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