Hot seller recently:mono 132cell half cell solar panel

  • 2020-10-23

Recently, the company introduced a new 132Cell solar panel, which won customers' favor once it was launched.

Based on the traditional battery sheet, this product USES laser cutting method to cut the standard battery sheet into two and a half identical cells perpendicular to the main grid line of the battery, and then welds them in series.

Since the voltage of the solar crystalline silicon cell is independent of the area, while the power is proportional to the area, the voltage of half a cell remains unchanged compared with the whole cell, while the power and current are halved.

Due to the reduction of internal circuit and internal consumption, packaging efficiency is improved;In addition, the working temperature of the component is reduced, which reduces the probability of hot spot and improves the reliability and safety of the component.In the aspect of shadow shading, due to the unique design, it has better anti-shading performance than conventional components.Compared with traditional components, half-chip components are mainly manifested in three aspects:

1. Reduce heat and temperature loss

With reduced internal current and internal losses, the operating temperature of the assembly and junction box is reduced, and the risk of hot spots and damage to the entire assembly is greatly reduced.In the outdoor working state of the component, the temperature of the half piece component is about 1.6℃ lower than that of the conventional whole piece component.

2. Reduce occlusion loss

With its special conjoint structure, half - chip components can improve the longitudinal arrangement of support and land utilization and reduce the loss of power generation caused by shading.

3. Improve packaging efficiency

Encapsulation loss of conventional components is generally greater than 1%, while the loss of half-chip components is generally around 0.2%.Therefore, the half - chip components make use of the characteristics of low current, effectively improve the packaging efficiency of components.

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